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Xbox Game Pass Titles: January, 2024

xbox game pass titles for january 2024

The new year brings new games to your favorite subscription service: Xbox Game Pass. From roguelite potatoes to charming monster tamers, this month’s lineup promises hours of fresh adventures across the console, cloud, and PC.

Available Now on Game Pass

As of January 18th, here are the games available.

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank — Join the quirky, tuberous outlaw and his Pickled Gang as they pull off the wackiest heist of all time. Shake down hostages, navigate the Botanical Bank’s vaults, and utilize an arsenal of dark web gizmos in this charming top-down shooter.

Play it on: Console, Cloud, PC

F1 23 EA PlayEA Sports’ F1 23 is available today on PC Game Pass and Ultimate via EA Play. Put your driving to the test, manage your dream team, and master the asphalt in the thrilling game of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Play it on: Console, PC

Those Who Remain — Unravel the town of Dormont’s unsettling secrets and battle for your sanity against the gnawing fear of the unknown in this immersive first-person thriller, available today!

Play it on: Console, Cloud, PC

Coming Soon: Now Through February

Get excited—here’s a list of games that are set to be available after today.

Palworld (Jan 19th) — Embark on an open-world journey where you befriend and capture over 100 unique Pals. Explore this enigmatic land, conquer formidable bosses, and construct powerful bases. Automate production lines and leverage your loyal Pals to become the ultimate Palmaster.

Play it on: Console, Cloud, PC

Go Mecha Ball (Jan 25th) — Get ready for adrenaline-pumping mech mayhem in this twin-stick roguelike shooter. Blast through vibrant arcade levels, master pinball-inspired physics, and unleash devastating weapons upon waves of enemy bots. Upgrade your mech between runs and conquer colossal bosses.

Play it on: Console, Cloud, PC

Brotato (Jan 30th) — Channel your inner spud warrior in this top-down roguelite arena shooter. Wield up to six weapons at once and obliterate hordes of invading aliens. Craft unique builds from a diverse pool of traits and items, proving that even a humble potato can be a galactic hero.

Play it on: Console, Cloud, PC

Persona 3 Reload (Feb 2nd) — Dive into the Dark Hour, where shadows lurk and the line between life and death blurs. Experience the legendary Persona 3 RPG reborn for the modern era, featuring stunning visuals, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and the unforgettable journey of the SEES.

Play it on: Console, Cloud, PC

Anuchard (Feb 6th) — Ascend as the Bellwielder in this enchanting action-adventure. Traverse the fallen kingdom of Anuchard, battle mythical creatures, unravel ancient mysteries, and restore the realm to its former celestial glory.

Play it on: Console, Cloud, PC

Games Leaving Soon

Which games are leaving Xbox Game Pass on January 31st? You’ll have to bid farewell to:

  • Hitman: World of Assassination (Cloud, Console, PC) 
  • F1 2021 (Cloud, Console)

January’s lineup spotlights indie games, and February is already looking binge-worthy.

Future Xbox Game Pass Updates

Xbox Game Pass keeps proving its place as a top gaming subscription, constantly delivering a diverse and exciting blend of experiences. Stay tuned to GameZone for next month’s Xbox announcements, Game Pass updates, and hot gaming news. 

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