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Why Now is the Time for South London Homeowners to Consider Selling

The UK rental market is experiencing unprecedented growth, with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealing a 5.5% year-on-year increase in rent prices as of August 2023. This uptick follows a previous increase of 5.3% in July 2023, highlighting the relentless demand for rental properties amid a nationwide housing crisis.

What’s Happening Across the UK?

England: A 5.4% annual increase in rent prices.

Wales: A surge of 6.5%.

Scotland: An increase of 6%.

Surprisingly, London leads the pack in England with a staggering 5.9% growth in rent prices—marking the highest annual percentage increase since ONS records began in 2006.

The View From The Ground

Jeremy Leaf, a seasoned estate agent in North London, affirms that the current data echoes the market conditions, notably the scarcity of rental properties. The increased cost of mortgage rates and heightened tax and regulatory burdens are encouraging landlords to exit the rental market, consequently driving up rents.

The Expert Take

Anna Clare Harper, CEO of GreenResi, highlights that public policy has focused more on homeowners, leading to a set of challenges that have accelerated a landlord exodus. This is backed by auction data showing a five-fold increase in traditional landlord properties available compared to last year.

The State of Affairs in Richmond

Harriet Scanlan, a lettings manager at a Richmond estate agency, concurs with this sentiment, citing multiple offers and above-asking price deals as evidence of high demand and low supply.

What This Means for South London Homeowners

Given the rate at which rental prices are rising, especially in London, now could be an excellent time for South London homeowners to consider selling their properties. With a shortage in rental supply, potential buyers, including investors, are likely to be more willing to pay a premium for available homes.

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