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What South London Sellers Need to Know!



Hey there, South Londoners! Are you familiar with the term ‘gazundering’? If you’re planning to sell your property in areas like Clapham, Bermondsey, or Lewisham, you’ll want to keep reading. Searches for ‘gazundering’ have seen a rapid escalation, and here’s what it means for you as a seller in South London.

What is Gazundering?

Simply put, gazundering is when a buyer lowers their offer on a property shortly before the sale is finalized. This tactic can be stressful and unnerving for sellers, and it’s gaining traction in today’s strengthening buyers’ market.

Why South Londoners Should Pay Attention

Our vibrant neighbourhoods like Brixton and Croydon have always been hotspots for property investments. But in a market where buyers feel empowered, knowing how to handle gazundering can make or break your selling experience.

How to Protect Yourself

Be Prepared

Knowledge is power. Be informed about your property’s true market value by keeping an eye on recent sales in your South London area. Having a solid figure in mind can help you negotiate more confidently.

Consider a ‘Lock-In’ Agreement

To protect yourself against last-minute price drops, consider a ‘lock-in’ agreement with potential buyers. This sets the terms clearly, offering you some level of protection.

The Silver Lining for South London Sellers

While the rise in gazundering searches might sound alarming, South London’s strong community and evergreen appeal can work in your favour. Buyers interested in the area are often looking for long-term investments and might be less inclined to employ such tactics.

Final Thoughts

South London, it’s time to be vigilant and well-informed. Gazundering is becoming more common, but with the right strategies, you can safeguard your interests. Keep these tips in mind as you navigate the ins and outs of our local property market. Make sure to drop me a line and pick my brains or use my free online valuation tool to get a ballpark figure!


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