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This Top-Rated Cat Fountain Is On Sale For Under $20 on Amazon

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Science fact: Cats prefer flowing water over stagnant water. It’s their evolutionary heritage. So, if your feline friend has a bowl that sits out all day, now’s a good time to upgrade to this highly-rated one from Wonder Creature — especially because it’s on sale now at 38% off. Cat parents love it because it’s easy to take apart, plus it has an LED light designed to help you see how much water is in its tank at all times. The fountain is also a Wirecutter pick due to its dishwasher-safe materials and an upper reservoir that accommodates cats with sensitive whiskers. The best part: it’s only $18.

This 2.4-liter fountain has a small charcoal filter and easily comes apart, so you can clean its stainless steel and plastic pieces in a dishwasher or by hand. As oneLmichele says, the fountain is “very light, even when it’s full,” making refilling hassle-free. One user even says it’s made their cats tidier drinkers. “As soon as we got this fountain, they all had no issues drinking from it and the messes stopped completely. This is a great product!”

Several report that it’s also quiet. Though not totally silent, the fountain has a low trickle that some users find solace in. Veronica Betancourt says it “makes a soft water trickle,” but “nothing crazy,” comparing it to rain. They also say it’s only loud when the water is low, serving as an audible signal. Maybe this fountain can be your next noise machine?

You can grab this beloved cat water fountain now for $18. If you’re on the fence about the water bowl replacement, read on for more promising reviews.

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