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This Target Suitcase Looks Just Like Away Luggage

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Although I travel fairly often, I find investing in luggage to be utterly harrowing. I loathe the thought of dropping hundreds of dollars on an item that will be tossed around like a sack of flour by nonchalant airport employees. So when I started looking for a new carry-on bag, I knew it was important to find one that looked good, was durable and functional and, most important, was less than $150.

Sound impossible? I thought it would be. So imagine my surprise when my brother recommended this hard-side spinner carry-on from Target for under $90. It sounded too good to be true, but since it fit all my strict requirements, I took the leap and purchased one — only to be shocked to find it was strikingly similar to a very popular and pricey cult-fave suitcase. Not only am I able to stuff a lot of clothing and personal items into this carry-on, but I find that it looks, glides and functions nearly identically to my partner’s far more expensive carry-on, which is from the internet-famous luggage brand Away.

The Open Story hard-side carry-on spinner suitcase has a handy expandable function that is ideal for those last-minute purchases while traveling and features a strong water-resistant exterior that can withstand the wear and tear of a journey. But I was especially impressed by the roomy interior mesh compartments and cross straps that help keep everything in place and organized.

It also has sturdy top and side handles for hauling around and a retractable handle that locks into place. I was worried it would be dinky, but I’m pleased to report that it has been yanked around on many a voyage and is still standing firm. Despite the bag’s hardiness, it isn’t clunky or heavy — it has a lightweight frame that makes it easy for even a petite person like myself to chuck it up into the overhead bins without too much effort.

There are six color options — but disappointingly there is no black, so I went with the closest alternative, gray. It isn’t yet scuffed or worn, and I can’t get over how smoothly it glides. It has all the practicality and elegance of the expensive suitcase but didn’t break the bank, and I consider that a major victory.

If you’ve been craving a warm-weather getaway or it’s simply time to replace your worn carry-on, then you’re going to want to give this little beauty a go. Take a look at what other happy shoppers have to say and pick one up for yourself while they’re still in stock.

“Great carry on. Rolls well, has full zipper for clothes on half with another zipper for delicates. Plus, I love the light blue color.” — Ellesclosetfinds

“My new FAVORITE suitcase. I LOVE this suitcase! The hard shell keeps your stuff protected and I love the amber color and the sleek handles that lay flat along the side and top. It rolls and spins nicely and has a nice long pull out handle that is long enough for a 5’10” woman. It’s small enough to be carry-on, but holds a lot! I was able to fit 4 pairs of pants, 2 sweatshirts, 4 tank tops, socks, underwear, toiletries, make-up, hair stuff, chargers, a light jacket, and 2 pairs of shoes inside without unzipping the extra thickness. I also like that on the inside there’s a zippered cover on one side, and an elastic clip on the other side to hold everything securely in place.” — TechyMom

“Perfect carry on. I ended up picking this color because it was on sale and I’m so glad I did – it’s so cute! I had no issues traveling with this as a carry on this weekend (although I did have to turn it sideways on a couple of flights due to the height). I had this thing packed full and it seemed super durable, especially the zippers!” — D

“Fantastic suitcase. Lovely suitcase, fits perfectly in overhead compartment as carry on luggage and easy to wipe and clean any scuff marks.” — Amanda N.

“It’s held up, taken on several trips. I think for the price, it’s a nice piece of luggage and reliable so far.” — Jgil

“Perfect carryon bag. This carryon bag was a gift for my 8yo for Christmas and she loves it. I love how it has a zipper compartment inside.” — Mich On The Mix

“Really nice. A really good option. Nice color, useful and comfortable. Highly recommended.” — Nice

“Perfect travel companions. This luggage set is a true gem! The stylish design caught my eye, but it’s the functionality that truly impressed me.” — AdamTown


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