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The BioLite Smokeless Fire Pit Is On Sale Right Now At Amazon

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Fire pits aren’t typically what you’d think of when Memorial Day rolls around, but it’s one of the best times to snag one on sale despite it being so miserably hot out. These outdoor contraptions sit on store shelves during the hotter months, so they go on sale when they’re out of mind. In other words, you should probably snag one now to prep for the cooler seasons. If you’re on the hunt for a smokeless pit, consider grabbing BioLite’s smart and portable FirePit+, on sale now at Amazon for 25% off. It’s a “game-changer for outdoor gatherings,” according to one user, and it’s full of smart features like Bluetooth, a USB rechargeable battery, a top for hibachi-style grilling and folding legs that make it extra portable.

The FirePit+’s smart features are definitely its best selling points, creating what one reviewer says is a “hassle-free fire experience.” Bluetooth connectivity lets users change the pit’s airflow as needed and keep smoke away from their faces, all without manually adjusting buttons (though you can do that, too) and risking a burn. It also has a battery that operates those fans and lasts up to a claimed 30 hours on a single charge — longer than typical camp-cooking propane tanks. Separated from its pit, the battery also doubles as a USB-A charger for juicing those electronics on the go.

Reviewers absolutely love it for its portability, too. Customer Vishu D says if you’re looking for a travel-sized grill, “I can’t imagine there’s a pit better than this one. It’s great for my little driveway or porch fires to do s’mores for the kids and that’s all I need. I can get a fire going in about 5-10 mins now with my system down and watch it while I have a drink or talk to a friend. It’s really relaxing.”

If you’re already itching for the cooler months, you find the heat of a summertime fire enjoyable, or you’re hunting down a practical Father’s Day gift — this Memorial Day sale week is an excellent time to grab BioLite’s FirePit+.

Read on for more promising reviews of the BioLite FirePit+:

“I’m very impressed with the quality of this Biolite. Even all the extras including the canvas bag are of the top notch manufactured parts. This surely will be able to be passed on to the next generation. Don’t know the lifespan of the heat generator but it’s very well made. Everything is easy to assemble. I got the rack and griddle also. The Best heat/electric generator & firepit/grill on the market in my humble opinion. My brother has the smaller version which is more for bug out or camping outdoors.” — Jeffrey S

“The BioLite Fire Pit is a fantastic addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear. It’s versatile, portable, and eco-friendly, offering a smokeless, efficient, and enjoyable fire experience. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, going camping, or just enjoying a quiet evening by the fire, this fire pit is a must-have. It has quickly become an essential part of our outdoor adventures, and we can’t recommend it enough!” — Jamil Salman

“It’s great for my little driveway or porch fires to do s’mores for the kids and that’s all I need. I can get a fire going in about 5-10 mins now with my system down and watch it while I have a drink or talk to a friend. It’s really relaxing that way. I do like the Bluetooth control too. I’ve been inside and seen the fire dwindling on the back porch and cranked it up to keep it going. And the battery pack can charge your electronics too. Again that’s great for a camping scenario and for me if there’s a bad winter storm or something, since I don’t have a fire place, this could really save the day which is why I wanted it too. I never let the thing sit out more than overnight and I use a brush and clean and store it. If you’re not that kind of person I can see how you’d be disappointed.” — Vishu D

“The fan allows you to burn damp wood when you normally couldn’t use it.” — Viking77

“I love my Biolite firepit and grill. It is exactly what they claim, a great camping tool. I love the fan for the fire. It keeps the smoke down and the heat up. The Biolite company is great to work with. Their customer service is some of the best I have worked with. They stand behind their product 100%.” — Mark M.

In case you want to keep shopping, we’ve rounded up some other discounted fire pit options.


TIKI Brand Smokeless 25-inch Patio Fire Pit

An elevated pick for the outdoor entertainer, this drum-shaped fire pit stands on hairpin legs and has a weather-resistant cover to protect its body.

Promising review: “We decided to upgrade to the Tiki Stainless Steel Low Smoke version and already we love it. It was very simple to put together. It took about five minutes. I love the design and that it is incredibly sturdy. It’s manageable to move easily. It’s got a diameter of 25 inches, so it does not take a huge amount of space. Best of all, I love the wood-pack that came with it. It was very easy to light and because of the depth of the fire pit itself, I was able to do it easily in high winds. The wood pack created a robust fire that provided a lot more warmth than I expected. And it was truly SMOKELESS! The packs last a little over thirty minutes which was perfect for us. With our old fire pit, in order to produce a similar fire and heat, we would have had to build a pretty big fire and tend it to for hours after the fun.” – Leslie L Gallagher


Four Seasons 30-inch Courtyard Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

Although not smokeless, this budget-friendly firepit has a grate to protect against popping and random ash while maximizing oxygen for its fire. It’s easy to use and set up whenter in your backyard, patio.

Promising review: “This has easily become our family’s favorite thing! We make s’mores and hotdogs every weekend. I love the top rack and can’t wait to make a pot of beans on it. This fire pit is very nice. It was pretty easy to assemble. It’s great quality and durable. Very sleek looking.” – BevyB


Lavre 17-inch Smokeless Fire Pit with Grill & Bag

Stainless steel makes wiping ash off its exterior a breeze with this firepit, plus its perforated bottom promotes even airflow for a nice, controlled fire.

Promising review: “I love this item. So lightweight you can take anywhere. We used firewood to keep warm while wind was blowing and we did not move around the fire to stay out of the smoke . Same for when we used charcoal briquettes to cook … No Smoke. We used this grill instead of lighting up the big one . Loved being able to take pieces inside to clean.” – Kelly


Cuisinart COH-800 Cleanburn Smokeless 24″ Fire Pit

With a 24-inch diameter and a wind guard to maintain airflow, this smokeless firepit also has a grill top for outdoor cooking.

Promising review: “Our guests were skeptical of our new firepit— by Cuisinart, really??—until they saw it in action. We used it last night for the first time, and it works like a charm. There was a little smoke when we first lit the fire, but in a few minutes there was none, and my clothes and hair didn’t smell smoky at all this morning. It radiated a nice amount of heat, and I can imagine using it through much of the fall and winter. Its low, open profile makes the fire far more visible than some competing brands, which I love. We used color cones to add some bursts of color to the flames, and it was beautiful! This morning there was just a little residue in the bottom of the ash catcher, very easy to clean up. If you buy this firepit, you won’t be disappointed.” – BDinEC


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