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Porsche Releases Macan EV Sketches, Teasing Thursday Debut

Porsche built its reputation on sports cars, but it pays the bills with SUVs.

In most months, the brand’s best-selling model is the Macan compact SUV, followed closely by the Cayenne midsize SUV. The two models make up more than 60% of Porsche sales. The rear-engine 911, midengine 718 Cayman, and roofless Boxster added together don’t make up enough sales to take second.

So Porsche knows changes to its cash cows have to be correct.

Taking them electric must be nerve-wracking, but it’s happening. The electric Porsche Macan debuts this Thursday.

Porsche stoke hunger in its fans with a week full of teaser photos of drips of information.

A sketch Porsche released showing the rear-end view of the 2025 Porsche Macan EV

The process started today with a pair of pencil sketches. Seen from both the front and rear, the 2025 Porsche Macan EV looks like the offspring of the current Macan and the electric Taycan – an obvious starting point.

Vice President for Style Michael Mauer says designers didn’t want to stray too far from the look of gas-powered models. “Porsche has decided not to distinguish its electric models completely from its combustion-engined sports cars. Porsche remains Porsche – and even an electric Porsche is a sports car in its segment,” he says.

“The new Macan is very clearly a Porsche – and a Macan – at first glance.”

We know nothing of mechanical details for now, but past reports have suggested power output as high as 603 horsepower and a choice of mechanical or air suspension systems.

Porsche is known for leaking details in the days before a reveal, so we expect to bring you more several times this week before Thursday’s big reveal.


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