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Nissan Debuts High-Performance Ariya NISMO

Nissan just unveiled a high-performance version of its Ariya electric SUV. The company’s NISMO performance division improved the car’s aerodynamics, added power, and sprinkled dashes of sport all over the interior to create Nissan’s first spiced-up electric car.

Nissan revealed the car at the Tokyo Auto Salon and promised a launch in Japan “this spring.” We would be surprised not to see it on American roads, too, but the company hasn’t yet commented on whether the States will see the NISMO iteration.

While the brand hasn’t discussed pricing, the standard Ariya ranges from the mid $40,000 range to just over $60,000.

Two Trim Levels

It will come in two flavors. Nissan hasn’t revealed ranges, but their battery sizes indicate the two models will travel very different distances between charging sessions.

A shorter-range version produces 362 horsepower and ships with a 66-kWh battery. A longer-range version uses a 91-kWh battery and makes 429 hp.

“An exclusive NISMO driving mode” improves acceleration, Nissan says. The Ariya NISMO makes sounds derived from Formula E electric race cars.

All Ariya NISMO models use the e-4ORCE 4-wheel-drive system and “special tuning for each chassis component” for “superior stability and turn-in ability” and “enhanced cornering at high speeds.”

The interior of the 2025 Nissan Ariya NISMO

Nissan cites “race-derived technologies” for aerodynamic improvements but doesn’t specify which aero bits are new. We see a new splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser to clean up travel through the air. Some press photos show it wearing a central stripe, which may be optional.

Like other NISMO models, the new Ariya wears a red line low on the body as well as on the mirror caps and unique badges. Inside, the upholstery is black with red highlights. Faux-suede seats with red perforations and a red center mark on the steering wheel add to the sports car feel.

Press photos show the steering position on the right side because this is a Japanese model for now.


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