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CeraVe May Be The Highest Rated Moisturizer We’ve Seen

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To make the claim that something is “the best” takes a lot of consideration and research on our part. But, after several praises sung by experts in skin care, tons of positive ratings and some of the most convincing testimonies from people like myself, it’s finally time for us to name the original CeraVe Moisturizing Cream as the best moisturizer out there to date.

We’ve given this unassuming and ubiquitous hydrator this title for reasons such as its accessible price point and its truly all-purpose usage that’s compatible with even the most sensitive skin types. However, after a dermatologist that we interviewed for recent story said that the CeraVe cream was one of their “favorite moisturizers in the entire world,” we knew it was more than just a good product.

When board-certified and Texas-based dermatologist Dr. Seemal R. Desai at Innovative Dermatology previously spoke to HuffPost about the best products to manage crepey skin, he explained that moisturizers with thick emollients are what help to replace the ceramides and lipid concentration in the skin, which can help with overall hydration.

Desai went on to say that he recommends the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream to his patients every day and described it as “a rich, non-greasy and fast-absorbing cream that releases a steady stream of moisturizing ingredients.”

And like all of the products in CeraVe’s line, be it their cult-favorite face washes or targeted serums, this custard-like cream is formulated with three essential ceramides that are fundamental for not just hydration, as mentioned earlier, but for helping to maintain a healthy skin barrier. The formula also contains hyaluronic acid, a tried-and-true humectant that draws moisture into the skin.

As a long time sufferer of this common skin condition, I can personally attest to how beneficial the CeraVe Moisturizing Cream has been to managing any irritation, redness and flaking that occurs. In fact, it’s the only moisturizer I’ve continuously used on my body for the past decade because I know it won’t exacerbate my incredibly dry and finicky epidermis.

As if these assuring words and endless endorsements from dermatologists weren’t enough, you can read on to just a few of the promising reviews we found for the CeraVe cream, a product that might be one of the highest rated items we’ve seen on Amazon. Or grab yourself a long-lasting 16- or 19-ounce tub from any of the above retailers.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“Over the years, I have tried various facial moisturizers, and have to say that I’m really happy with this one. I am 50, and have always had sensitive skin that dries out and flakes in the winter months. My fingers crack in the cold as well.
This cream isn’t greasy, absorbs very well, goes great under makeup, and has caused no adverse reactions whatsoever, and I use it on my face, neck and under eye area every morning and night after washing my face with Alaffia black soap and using Thayer’s alcohol free toner. It also works well on my hands and body but I have always had more difficulty finding a facial product that works sans any negative side effects. Furthermore, my husband, who has a LOT of allergies and product sensitivities, and struggles with finding good personal care products has also used it successfully on his face.
Nothing but satisfaction from me!” — alla bevzenko

“I have extremely sensitive skin and am very cautious about new products. An independent online review ranked this creams #1 for body AND FACE. During a visit to the dermatologist the next day, I noticed a bowl full of samples on the counter. It is highly recommended by that dermatology practice. It is amazing! It keeps my face smooth and hydrated all day and provides a perfect surface under makeup. It is also great for legs and arms, keeping your hands moisturized even after washing.” — Kindle customer

I never thought I would be writing a review for a skin cream.
I am an older man, age 67, and my skin has gotten sensitive and thin, easy to bruise and easy to scratch.
I’d been hearing about CeraVe, and I gave it a shot, to see if it would help. My goodness! The skin on my forearms had been the worst, so easy to bruise and scratch, and looked old and wrinkly. After a month of using CeraVe, my skin looks 20 years younger! I rarely bruise when I bump something now ( I do a lot of mechanic work, so it’s inevitable), and if I brush up against something, my skin doesn’t instantly peel off and bleed. Good grief, I wish I had found this stuff sooner.
Well, actually, I could have gotten it sooner, but being a man, I was hesitant to admit I needed moisturizing cream! Ladies, tell your man about my results. He will thank you! Darn good product. I will definitely buy again.” — Amazon customer

“I love this cream! Really moisturizes my skin. Use it twice daily, when I wake up and when I go to bed on my face and that helps with those pesky wrinkles! I use it after I shower in the morning and that really helps my skin feel smooth and helps elevate the crepe skin look that has happened with age. Wish I had access to this type of hydrating cream 40 years ago. If you want your skin to stay soft and hydrated I recommend you try CeraVe it’s wonderful!” — ridgebacksus


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