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Bethesda Outlines Robust Update Schedule for Starfield in 2024

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As 2023 draws to a close, Bethesda is focusing its efforts on the future of “Starfield,” its latest space exploration title. The company has announced an extensive plan to update and expand the game throughout 2024.

Scheduled Updates Starting February 2024

Bethesda has committed to releasing updates for “Starfield” approximately every six weeks, beginning in February. These updates aim to enhance player experience, with a focus on Quality of Life improvements, content additions, and new gameplay features.

Content and Feature Enhancements

Players can expect a variety of enhancements in these updates. 

These include new travel methods, ship customization options, and adjustable difficulty levels. These changes are designed to deepen the gameplay experience and offer players more control over their space exploration journey.

Release of ‘Shattered Space’ Expansion

2024 will also mark the release of “Starfield’s” first major expansion, titled “Shattered Space.” While details remain sparse, Bethesda has revealed that this expansion will include new story content, locations, gear, and more, significantly expanding the game’s universe.

Official Mod Support and Creations Platform

In addition to these updates, Bethesda plans to introduce official mod support early in the year through the launch of the Creations platform

This initiative will empower the community to create and share their modifications, enhancing the game’s replayability and diversity.

Participation in Starfield’s Steam Beta Branch

For players eager to experience these updates firsthand, Bethesda recommends joining “Starfield’s” Steam Beta branch. This opportunity allows players to test and provide feedback on new features and improvements before their official release.

Starfield’s Performance in 2023

Bethesda shared impressive statistics for “Starfield” in 2023, noting that the game attracted 13 million players since its September launch, with an average playtime of 40 hours. 

Players have explored nearly 2 billion planets, favoring the Battlemeal Multipack as their dish of choice, while the Ashta earned the title of the most dangerous lifeform.

A Year of Achievement and Future Anticipation

The studio expressed gratitude for the game’s success in 2023 and excitement for what’s to come in 2024. Bethesda’s commitment to regularly updating “Starfield” reflects its dedication to providing a continually evolving and engaging gaming experience.

Closing Note: Modding Scene and Holiday Humor

Bethesda also acknowledged the challenges faced by modders in enhancing “Starfield.” As the year ends, the studio shared a light-hearted space-themed joke, maintaining the festive spirit and its commitment to the “Starfield” community.

A Promising Year Ahead for Starfield

With a robust update schedule and the upcoming “Shattered Space” expansion, “Starfield” is poised for significant growth in 2024. Bethesda’s plans indicate a strong commitment to enriching the game’s universe and ensuring an immersive experience for players in the expansive world of “Starfield.”

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