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Reviewers With Type 4 Hair Love These 19 Hair Care Products

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  • A cute detangling brush for gliding through wet or dry hair, removing knots as it goes

  • A set of satin pillowcases so you can protect your hair (and skin) from the abrasiveness of cotton pillowcases

  • A daily moisturizing cream with shea butter that’ll lock in moisture and vitamin E oil that’ll encourage hair growth

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A Revlon paddle brush hair dryer that’ll dry, detangle, and smooth your hair in one fell swoop

Promising review: “This product really deserves its 5-star review. Let’s be really clear here, I HAVE 4C HAIR. No really, 4c hair. I spend so much time detangling my hair that it is ridiculous!!! I mean hours. And I have tried every trick in the book. By the time I finish one section, the other has gotten tangled again. My hair is so thick that it would take me 45 minutes to blow it dry, so I just never did it. I was able to blow dry my hair on the cool setting in 20 minutes. I am able to comb through my hair now. I am so relieved. I think I am going to start seeing some real growth now that I will not be putting off my wash days because I simply don’t have the time for all that detangling. Not to mention that I was always losing a lot of hair with the detangling process. There was some hair in the brush styler but nothing compared to my usual hair loss. I love this product. The bristles are very malleable, and the bristle tips are rounded. I have read that some folks have had a problem getting their roots to dry. I had no problem at all. This product is well worth the price. I would have paid three times as much just to be able to part my hair without all of the tangles.” — king

A moisturizing and detangling almond and avocado shampoo from Design Essentials

Promising review: “This really detangles your hair, no conditioner needed. I could finger comb my natural type 4 hair very easily and remove shed hairs without breakage (great for length retention). Left my hair very soft and moisturized, no stripping of my natural oils. It is very thick, and you don’t need much to get a lather. It smells great also. It is the best shampoo I have used for natural hair, and I have tried many.” — Millie

A cute detangling brush for gliding through wet or dry hair, removing knots as it goes

Promising reviews: “This is my new favorite brush, and I use it all the time. I have mostly 4a hair, with maybe a touch of 3c here and there, but my hair is definitely in the kinky category, and this brush works great. I’m able to use it on my hair wet or dry as long as I have some product in it. When it’s wet, I normally use oil and leave-in conditioner, and it glides right through with ease. With my dry hair, I normally just use oil if I’m doing a pre-poo, and it still glides through, but obviously, I’m much more careful working root to tip. I feel like some of the people who are struggling with this brush maybe don’t know how to be careful while brushing your hair root to tip and making sure to use product for extra slip.” — Marisa

A Mielle Organics all-natural mint almond oil that’ll reduce shedding and breakage

Mielle Organics is a Black woman-owned small haircare business dedicated to using natural ingredients in their products.

Promising review: “The unique combination of oils in this product works great for my type 4 hair. It has been one of my favorite products for the last few years.” — Patrick Elizabeth Sims


A nourishing leave-in conditioner from My Black Is Beautiful

Promising review: “I purchased this product a month ago in anticipation of taking down my double strand twists on my natural hair. I just stopped halfway through my takedown to write this review! It is legit. 🙌🏾 I watched a YouTuber use it, and her hair type was similar to mine, so I took a leap of faith (super thick 4b). I have too many products that are useless, but this right here is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time.” — Austen’s mom

A set of satin pillowcases to protect your hair (and skin) from the abrasiveness of cotton pillowcases

Promising review: “Love themmm!!! Soft and silky. I purchased these for my natural 4a hair. These pillowcases are way better than a silk scarf. When I wake up, I fluff my hair out with my fingers, and that’s it! Before these pillowcases, my hair would be flat and stay flat.” — Julia

A coconut oil-enriched leave-in softening treatment

Promising review: “My 4c hair loves it. For a twist-out style, the key for my hair: I spritz with water, next apply the Maui Moisture Quench + Coconut Oil, make sure my ends are curled (you can use a few comfy hair rollers), and cover my hair at night. In the a.m., the waves are very defined and beautiful. I’ve used one container so far, and what I noticed is that when I would wash my hair, the texture was so curly, and my hair was much fuller. I highly recommend.” — NEECEE

A volumizing biotin shampoo for hair regrowth

Promising review: “I’m anAfrican-American woman with type4Chair.I bought this shampoo recently when I was on the hunt for hair repair products after my hair got damaged during a blowout. I used this shampoo for the first time yesterday, and my hair and my scalp feel amazing. There are very small sections of my hair that are heat damaged permanently. I’ll just have to cut those strands off, but this shampoo saved the rest of my hair. I will post some pics later. I hope with continued usage that my regular curl pattern will fully return to normal. I’ll keep you guys updated. Update: My hair hardly sheds since using this shampoo!! This is the best shampoo I have ever owned!” — Simone Johnson

A revitalizing hair protein treatment that’ll help condition and repair dry, damaged and over-processed hair

Promising reviews: “I have 4c hair and was looking for a protein treatment for my thin and fragile hair. I had recently used a product in my hair that had so much alcohol in it that it wreaked havoc on my hair, leaving it pretty damaged. I was very skeptical about this product because I have never seen anyone with my hair type use it. Boy was I wrong to doubt this product. It left my hair looking and feeling beautiful. I highly recommend it to anyone with natural or curly hair.” — Therese-Claire

A pair of scalp massagers that’ll help remove flakes when washing your hair

Promising review: “I had been having issues with dry scalp during the winter months. I was also feeling that I could not get my scalp as clean as I wanted. I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a scalp massager and came to Amazon to find one. This is a great find. My scalp is clean. It does not cause my hair to tangle (African American 4c hair type), and it leaves my hair feeling great. I gave the second one to a friend to try, and she loves it. Highly recommend.” — sherm98

A SheaMoisture hair mask with a manuka honey, shea butter, and mafura oil

Promising review: “I use many of SheaMoisture’s products. I think it’s a great line. This particular product is very nice for my 4c hair! It is rich enough to control the curl pattern, yet not too greasy. I like that a lot.” — JoAnn Solomon

A pomegranate and honey Mielle Organics sculpting custard so you can hydrate and condition your coils

Mielle Organics is a Black woman-owned small haircare business.

Promising review: “I really love this product. I get questioned often about the product I use on my hair, and I recommend this product. For tight 4c hair, it really helps to bring out and define the coils, and it makes the hair look moisturized. This product makes me love my TWA so much! It creates beautiful definition and shine to the hair.” — Hershey C

An adjustable and reversible satin bonnet that’ll protect your coils as you sleep

Promising review: “I normally don’t do reviews, but I had to for this. I bought two of these! They are the best I’ve ever owned, and I have worn a bonnet since I was a kid. I have natural thick 4c-type hair, and I wear my hair in flexi rods, and twist out styles, and I can also fit my flexi rods under this bonnet. I had been looking for a silk XL bonnet for years and finally found the perfect one! Please do not stop making these!” — DEWAmazon customer


Or a satin-lined sleep cap stylish enough to wear outside

Grace Eleyae is Black woman-owned small business caring for Black women’s hair!

Promising review: “Silky wonderfulness. Yeah, I wore it every day the first week I had it. During the day, too! If you have big mixed girl type curls, I suggest the larger size. If you are 4c like me, with extra shrinkage, then the regular fit is good. I can’t believe I spent so much for a beanie, but I really do love it!” — Dr.PinkUnicorn


A natural and creamy hair lotion perfect to use as a leave-in or to help hydrate your hair in between washe

Oyin Handmade is a family-owned, woman- and Black-owned and led small business creating clean formulas for natural hair.

Promising review: “I love this. I tried it because it was highly rated in the natural hair community. I’m glad I did. I have 4b/4c mixed-texture hair. This is the only moisturizer that works without weighing my hair down or leaving oily film or leaving a bunch of buildup. And it smells yummy!” — Tanysha Carter


A daily moisturizing cream with shea butter and vitamin E oil

TGIN is a Black woman-owned small business making haircare products specifically for Black women.

Promising review: “This stuff is the holy grail of moisturizers. The smell is lovely, not too strong, or fruity, or overpowering. This is the first moisturizer I’ve EVER used that keeps my hair supple and soft for days. Before my hair would feel brittle after a few hours and I’d have to apply twice a day. With this stuff, I don’t even have to put it in every day, even though I do. I absolutely love the way it’s made a difference in my hair. I have natural short 4c hair.” — Kasie

A sulfate-free 4-piece hair care set

It consists of shampoo, conditioner, shaping jelly and stretching cream. With cocoa butter and macadamia nut oil, you can be sure you’ll be able to tame frizz and quench your hair’s thirst.

Promising review
: “I bought this product by chance. I had never heard of it but it came up on Amazon while I was looking for new haircare products but when I saw the word coils I knew that was specific to my hair type so I took a chance on it and I’m SO happy I did! I’ve never bought a product from Aussie in my life and finally they made something for my 4c hair. My coils are so tight that most products don’t really define them properly because they’re meant for curls. This product makes my hair soft, supple, and smell incredible.” — DD

A 100% natural cotton hair towel to dry your hair without breakage or frizzing.

Promising review: “I recently stopped chemically straightening my hair and am embracing my natural 4b/4c texture. On this journey everyone said use an old T-shirt instead of a towel. Well, this is better than an old T-shirt. I am able to stop my hair from being dripping wet while I apply product without frizzing it up. The size of it is great and I don’t mind keeping it on longer if I need to.” — Musicachic


A pack of black roller pins that’ll actually hold your hair in place

Promising review: “I have thick type 4 hair and regular bobby pins just cannot do the job anymore as my hair continues to grow. I’ve seen many YouTube content creators use oversized bobby pins and I wanted some. These are pretty hard to find online from other suppliers, so I’m glad that Amazon has them. These are STRONG bobby pins. They don’t bend. I’ve been using the same two pins for four weeks and they still look and fit like new. These are the real deal. They hold back my hair without causing pain.” — Tiffany


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