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Best Gloves For Shoveling Snow According To Reviewers

One of the hardest parts of winter — other than the sun setting at 2 p.m. — is needing to shovel away mounds of heavy, thick snow, just so you can safely enter your home. While these reviewer-loved snow gloves can’t clear your walkway for you, they certainly can make the shoveling process a whole lot more comfortable.

When you’re headed to work when you realize your entire lawn has been engulfed by a frigid white blanket or your car is definitely not going to move unless you dig out your tires, the hand-knitted mittens your sister made you for Christmas aren’t going to cut it. Neither are the fancy leather driving gloves you splurged on for your birthday. You need a pair of waterproof, weatherproof, insulated winter gloves — heavy-duty hand-warmers meant for shoveling.

To help your fingers stay warm and nimble through the cold weather, we’ve rounded up the highest-rated, most beloved winter gloves for shoveling snow or working a snowmobile. We’ve selected an array of colors, styles and price points, but they have one thing in common: tons of rave reviews speaking about their warmth and durability.

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